Just so you know

So, uh, my apologies that this has taken so long. This blog is a new responsibility for me and I’m not used to it. Hence the lack of regular posts, or posts at all. but I promise that once I’ve got a feel for what I want to talk about and when, I’ll establish a regular post schedule. Be patient with me. As of now the blog does not have any particular theme, one may yet develop organically, we’ll see. I aim to post about all sorts of things, books I think you might find interesting (particularly books on ASD because I personally seem to struggle to find ones that are actually true to life), if I bake as I so love doing, I’ll post a picture and the recipe I used. If you’re interested I can post the poetry I write from time to time; but equally, I’m not going to shy away from politics. If something happens in the news, I’m going to want to say my piece. If that’s likely to offend you, let it be known that you were warned. Whilst I’m also open to discussion, just don’t be rude. That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll see you soon.


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